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#capturewith challenge 10-20th April - Recipe development

What is recipe development?

Recipe development it's creating a recipe from scratch. The recipe may be required for a cookbook, a food magazine, a blog, a restaurant menu, a food magazine or a product intended for sale. Recipes are guidelines that allow consumers to replicate them on their own. Good recipes allow readers to imagine the writer is standing beside them and guiding them through the process.

How to Develop Recipes?

You might be a blogger who wants to learn how to develop recipes, or maybe you’re a food photographer who wants to know more about professional recipe development.

Developing a recipe can be an easy process between research, testing and tasting, or it can appear difficult especially when it's a complicated and new recipe. The process can feel incredibly creative but can also feel very defeating. Either way, try to enjoy it and think about the final dish and what you want to create.

6 steps in the recipe development process you have to remember.

1. Research

This first step begins with research. Whether you create a recipe from scratch or modify your favourite classic recipe, it all starts with an idea.

2. Draft a preliminary recipe

Once you have done your research compare it with other recipes. Notice which cooking techniques stand out to you, take note of the ratios of ingredients, and compare cooking times and temperatures.

3. Initial recipe test

The initial test is where things get fun! You may have a plan written out but be prepared for that to change. The ingredient amounts in your recipe might change, but this is normal. The initial test is also the time to weight the ingredients.

4. Taste panel

Now it's time to judge whether or not the recipe was a success. This can include everything from process and timing to ingredient amounts when ingredients are added, and what can be missing from the recipe.

5. Additional recipe tests

If your recipe failed, you might test it again, until the recipe passes the taste panel!

6. Final recipe write up

The last step is where it all comes together. If you have taken good notes during testing this should be fairly easy!

I've developed many recipes for my clients. I cook, bake and test recipes a lot! It's not that hard, once you practice it, and with time you will know what tastes good with this or that ingredient. It's the same with everything practice makes perfect!

If you're looking for recipe templates, check Canava for ready-to-use examples.


If you have any questions or struggle with any subject, send me a DM on my Instagram or email me. I will do my best to answer and help.


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