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#capturewith challenge 10-20th NOVEMBER - MIXED SHAPES

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

We are almost there. The one before last challenge this year. I hope you will find this challenge enjoyable.

shapes in photography

Shapes and colours are crucial elements in photography. Well used can really create an amazing picture. You need time to learn how to work with shapes, but with a little practice, you can train your photography eye and master this skill.

fot. by Anna Janecka

shapes around you

1. Simple shaped Objects

Take a look at simple objects, and their geometric shapes eg. buildings or even tableware you own. You can find these simple objects around you in different shapes and textures.

2. shapes in architecture

Bridges, monuments, stairs & windows - all different shapes are all present in architecture. Can you see a single geometric shape or maybe a repetition of the same shape?

3. Shapes in nature

Nature does have some geometrical shapes and they are brilliant. Think of different shapes of flowers, trees or mushrooms. The variety of shapes is endless.

4. Mixing the shapes

When you take a closer look you can see how shapes are mixed around us. Circles, lines, triangles and squares are all mixed together. How the shape of the trees compose with buildings, how the underwater world looks or how architecture creates different patterns.

mixed shapes in food photography

Mixed shapes in food photography is the art of arranging objects, props and food in one scene. This technique creates additional interest in the viewer's eyes.

You can play with same cake cut in different shapes, create a salad bowl with a variety of vegetables and fruits or build layers with different objects.

how you can mix the shapes


This is the easiest way to present mixed shapes in 1 photo. Cut the round cake into triangles (shape number 1) and place them on round plates (shape number 2). Easy-peasy right?

Now add a human touch (a hand), cutlery, some fruit bits or flower petals and you have even more different shapes in a single photo.


Another simple example is a bowl or plate with salad. Ingredients prepared for salad are usually cut in different shapes and surprisingly it's a perfect example of mixed shapes composition.

You can include cutlery, linens also a backdrop to add additional shapes to your scene.


With drinks, there is basically a combination of 2 shapes, a glass and a garnish. You can use textured glass, place a square coaster underneath the glass, or play with garnishes in different shapes and cuts. You can also add different surrounding props, eg. cocktail picks, bitter bottles or even ice cubes.

sharing platers

I think sharing players is a great example of mixed shapes. One round, oval or square plater or baking dish with a mix of ingredients on it. Tringle watermelons, round berries and wedges of melons, all of this on an oval serving dish with linens and round glasses around. A grazing platter, with meat and cheeses, cut differently with grapes and nuts around. A baking pasta dish with glasses, cutlery and linens (striped - additional shape). The last example shows a serving dish with crepes (triangles) and a slice of orange on top. There is also cutlery (lines) and oval mint leaves.


When building layers is really easy to involve different shapes. Most props are round eg. such a bowl, a plate or a glass, once you place them on a wooden board or baking tin, which is square or rectangular you will include another shape, and then food will be the next shape.

table scene

This is maybe the most complicated, and for many people, the hardest to create a scene, but pretty easy to get multiple shapes included. Table scene naturally includes round plates, bowls and glasses, different shapes of plants, flowers or herbs, cutlery, wine or cocktail glasses and food of course.

Mixed shapes composition isn't hard to create, but it's a great way to use your creative mind, and show colours, textures, and a variety of shapes around us.


If you have any questions or struggle with any subject, send me a DM on my Instagram or email me. I will do my best to answer and help.


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