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Food Creatives Network's Community Cookbook

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

"The Seasonal Table - RECIPES from our creative kitchens"

Together with Linda Hermans, Davinia O’Shea and myself (the co-founders of Food Creatives Network Community) plus one of our FCN’s member Marianne Häggström and HP Custom Content, we are so excited to share the big news!

We’re creating a community cookbook with recipes and images submitted by our members from all over the world!

The FCN's cookbook is the 1st community collaborative cookbook produced by HP Custom Content @hp_custom_content. We have 27 creators, who will create 54 recipes divided into 4 seasons.

Pre-order Now! Our book will be available from 10th of August 2022

Meet the creators

Anna Janecka

Davinia O' Shea

Linda Hermans

Marianne Häggström

Alicja Sieronski

Ana Rita Nunes

Ania Elias

Dhivya Subramanian

Dinija Sunina

Emilie Dorange

Emma Nahhas

Jessica Nunes

Jo Bryant

Lamia Allam

Lili Crosset

Luisa Rodriguez

Marika Cucuzza

Marta Grabowska

Melanie Muller

Monika Jonaite

Ranji Thangia

Rispah Wambugi

Robin Walrecht

Seema Rose

Suze Morrison

Yulia Shkultetskaya

Yvonne Conteh

Meet the partners

The FCN along with Marianne Häggström would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all our partners on this project. Your support and collaboration mean that we can further the work which we are so passionate here, at the Food Creatives Network.

Capture By Lucy

We would like to give an honorary mention to Capture By Lucy who’s backdrops are used exclusively throughout this cookbook from their new 1:1 range.

CBL’s 1:1 scale backdrops provide the highest quality 100-megapixel resolution textures from a single image at a 1:1 scale, therefore delivering textured backdrops which are indistinguishable from the original image.

CBL also create bespoke backdrops as well as a sizeable selection to suit all your backdrop needs.

Chiltern Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

A family-run business situated at Wilstone Great Farm, Chiltern Cold Pressed Rapeseed oils are a healthy alternative to olive oil and include no artificial flavourings or preservatives, and are naturally high in Vitamin E.

Devon Rum Company

Established in March 2020, the Devon Rum Company exists to share the joy of artisan rums with the world.

Devon Rum CO’s award-winning range of spiced and flavoured rums are handcrafted in the heart of Devon with pride and passion.

Erin Rose illustrations

You can find Erin’s beautiful illustrations at the start of each season chapter throughout this cookbook. Erin expertly preserves memories and tells stories through her bespoke designs.

Firetree Chocolate

Using rich volcanic chocolate, made from some of the rarest cocoa beans in the world, Firetree’s 100% vegan, nut-free, kosher and halal award-winning chocolate collection is renowned for its exceptional taste.


Hilltop is a provider of an extensive range of award-winning honey including Manuka, Blossom Brazilian Mountain and Cut Comb in Acacia. Hilltop is also a proud producer of Maple Syrup and Agave.

Ted’s Veg

Ted’s Veg are renowned and respected for its quality, fresh produce. With farming in their blood, Ted’s Veg are experts in horticulture and farming, creating produce grown with love and fuelled by passion.


Vinkind believes wine should be easy to explore, discover and enjoy whatever your level of knowledge. Taking away the guesswork from choosing the perfect bottle, Vinkind has made it their mission to help you find your ideal wine.

It's a super fast-moving project, consuming a lot of our energy and time, but it's worth it! I'm so grateful to be a part of this community and excited about this cookbook.

Order your copy of The Seasonal Table today and be the first to get it as soon as it's released on 10th August!

UK and US shipping addresses only.


If you have any questions or you struggle with any subject, send me a DM on my Instagram or email me. I will do my best to answer and help.


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