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Meet Wiktoria Gralka

I'm changing and creating new content for you each month. In September I've decided to interview not only a friend of mine but firstly an amazing and talented photographer Wiktoria Gralka. Wiktoria lives in Italy, but the same as I am, she's a polish girl. We've connected on Instagram like most of us did.

Can you introduce yourself? How and when did you start your food photography journey?

I'm Wiktoria and I'm a professional food photographer & stylist from Poland, living in South Tirol (Italy).

Being a person with culinary background allowed me to dive into the Food Photography world. I started my journey 2 years ago with cooking classes on youtube and ended up in the food and product photography business.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you adore any specific photographers?

Literally everywhere, but one of the things I stick to is having my daily routine where I refresh my inspiration. I basically spend every day 30 minutes scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram. Seeing work from other amazing photographers keeps me inspired daily.

It’s very hard for me to point out one photographer because I adore many but If I have to choose it will be Suze @gourmentglow Hani @haniyeh.nikoo & Mélanie @studiotahini

What do you think should be in a good portfolio?

I think one of the most important things besides high-quality photos is the section “about” and the photo of you. Introducing yourself, including a photo where you have eye contact with the viewer & pointing out your strengths can change “no” to “yes”.

Also, you can’t forget about having a variety of styles and angles. For example, my strength is flat lay photography, however not every client wants to have just overhead shots in their social. So including 2-3 photos with a 3/4 or straight-on angles will help you get more clients.

How do you prepare a food styling set?

My whole preparation starts always with selecting the colour palette, props & backdrops I’m going to use, food itself hits the scene last.

Do you have your favourite backdrop brand?

My number one backdrop brand is Woodville. I’ve ordered my first backdrop from them at the beginning of 2021 and since then not even one day passed without shooting with them! The quality is mind-blowing and they pay attention to the smallest details. I can surely say they are the best surfaces available and I couldn’t improve my photography without them. My collection is still growing and it’s without any doubt the best investment in my business.

Do you work with natural or artificial light?

For over a year I am just working with artificial light in my studio and I can’t imagine my life without it. Now I can shoot in the middle of the night If I want to.

What is a must have in food photography?

For me a must have in food photography is having good quality backdrops & props which mix and match well.

Can you tell us what’s your favourite colour theory and composition?

My favourite colour theory? Definitely monochromatic & analogous!

I don’t really have my favourite composition but If it comes to my favourite angle, I always go first with the flat lay shots.

What a great coincidence. You probably know that I run each month my own challenge. September’s theme is Monochromatic photography, which is one of your favourite colour theories. Can you tell us why?

I don’t like them, I am obsessed 😂

I love them because if there is just one colour instead of 3-4 I can focus on food styling & composition to make my food look interesting and appealing.

Do you have your favourite colour palette? And do you have colours you don’t feel comfortable with?

My current favourite colour palette is grey & purple and grey & green

I definitely struggle with intensive yellow foods like polenta, it’s just not my personal taste, even after editing they always look too yellow to me 😂

Do you have some tips for beginners about monochromatic photography? When it’s best to use and when to avoid it?

I know that monochromatic photography scares a lot of people but there are certain things you have to keep in your mind to nail it.

Let’s start with the light - it’s very important to correctly set your light source to create depth in your photo. Deep shadows, high contrast and clarity slider should become your best friends when photographing monochromatic food.

Choose only the nicest food, as there is no pop of colour the viewer will be focusing on the shapes & textures of your food, therefore you have to pay extreme attention during preparing your food for a photoshoot.

And last but not least - give yourself time to try different things during editing, that’s where the magic happens.

Thank you, Wiktoria it was a pleasure to meet you closer.

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