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Invest your time and money to learn with me at your own pace and your chosen field


Create beautiful images and do not struggle with composition, colours and ideas anymore.


Share your work with other photographers and clients with confidence.


Enjoy your progress and know that your hard work is paying off.

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Image Feedback

Do you often have mixed feelings about the quality of your images? Would you love to get a constructive second opinion about your portfolio? Do often finish your client shoots, but you are not sure if the images are good enough? 

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions you are in the right place. I'm here to help you! I will analyze your image or portfolio and send you my constructive overall feedback or chosen by your area to improve eg. composition or mood.

Mentoring Session

Are you a beginner photographer who would like to develop skills and get to know more about food photography?

Or maybe you know how, but struggle with composition, light or which angle to choose for your image?  


I offer mentoring zoom sessions tailored to your needs. We can go together through all primary topics, dig deep into a specific area you are struggling with and build your confidence with practice.



Are you keen to learn or develop your skills together with me? 

We can practice composition, styling, lighting and editing together or focus on a specific problem you are facing.


I offer individual or group workshops with up to five people.

Free resources

We all love getting gifts, right?


In this section, you can find free materials eg. e-books, document templates or compositional layouts. 

You can read them on your phone or computer, but also download or print them to have them close at hand.

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