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Free resources

    Free downloadable and printable resources such as e-books, layout templates, composition kits, and more can be valuable tools for improving your photography and composition skills. These resources can be accessed and used anytime, anywhere, making them an ideal opportunity for practising and honing your skills. By incorporating them into your learning and practice routine, you can take advantage of the convenience and accessibility they offer to further enhance your skills and abilities in photography and composition.

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Drink photography
composition kit

This ebook explores various composition techniques, from the Rule of Thirds to the Golden Spiral, I cover the principles of composition and how they can be used to create balance, depth, and interest in drink photographs.


Drink photography
composition templates

In this ebook, I explore templates of composition in drink photography. I cover various composition techniques and describe how they can be applied in drink photography to create visually appealing and balanced images.


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