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#capturewith challenge 15-25th November - Flatlay vs. Straight

What is a flatlay?

Flat lay is a popular photography technique in which objects or subjects are photographed from a top-down perspective, with the camera positioned directly above them. This technique creates a visually striking and highly organized composition, as if the objects are arranged on a flat surface, such as a table or the ground, and the photo looks straight down. Flatlays are commonly used in various photography genres, including food photography, product photography, fashion photography, and lifestyle photography. This technique allows for creativity and personal expression and has become a versatile tool for visual storytelling and sharing ideas and inspiration.

What is a straight?

In photography, a "straight" perspective, also known as a "head-on" or "frontal" perspective, refers to a composition in which the camera is positioned in a way that directly faces the subject or scene, rather than looking down on it from above or shooting it from an angle. This results in a photograph that captures the subject or scene as it appears from the viewer's point of view, creating a sense of immediacy and authenticity.

Photographers use a straight-on perspective when they want to present a subject straightforwardly and naturally, without the added complexity or artistic interpretation that other angles might introduce.

Flatlay vs. Straight in food photography.

Food photography has become a popular art form, especially on social media, where we often see beautiful pictures of mouthwatering dishes. Whether you're a pro photographer, a food-loving blogger, or just someone who enjoys sharing your cooking, you've probably wondered about the best way to take pictures of your food. Some people like to take pictures from above (flatlay), while others prefer straight-on shots. In this blog post, I would like to share the pros and cons of both methods and help you figure out which one works best for your food photos.

The Flatlay Approach:

Bird's Eye View: Flatlays give you a unique view from above, like a bird flying over your food. It shows everything in the picture and looks fabulous. This is great for showing off dishes with lots of little details, like fancy salads, charcuterie boards, or desserts that are beautifully arranged.

Symmetry and Balance: Flatlays let you set up your food and other stuff in a balanced way. You can make everything look nice and even. You can also add props or decorations to make your food look more attractive.

Storytelling: With flatlays, you can tell a story through your food pictures. You can use things like utensils, ingredients, or flowers to create a special theme or mood for your photos. For example, you could make your food look rustic or fresh and tell a story with your pictures.

The Straight Approach:

Realness: Taking pictures of food straight-on makes it look like how we see it when we're about to eat. This is great for showing the texture, juiciness, and all the yummy parts of comfort foods like pasta, salads, pieces of cake or sandwiches.

Close-Up Details: When you get close to the food, you can show off specific details like garnish on a drink, the juiciness of roast or the texture of fresh fruit. This helps to highlight what makes the food so delicious.

Artistic Depth: With straight-on photos, you can make the main part of your food stand out while making the background look blurry and artistic. It's like adding a cool touch to your food or drink pictures.

In food photography, there isn't one right way to take pictures. You can choose to take photos from above (flatlay) or straight in front of the food. It depends on what you like, what kind of food you're taking pictures of, and who you're showing them to. Try both ways and see which one you like best. The main thing to remember is that practice and trying new things will help you take great food photos. So, grab your camera or phone, put your food on a plate, and have fun taking tasty pictures!


If you have any questions or struggle with any subject, send me a DM on my Instagram or email me. I will do my best to answer and help.


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